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Mobile support services – MuDi

Time for oneself and for each other

Mobile support services – MuDi

Time for oneself and for each other

picture: Lebenshilfe/David Maurer

Mobile support services – MuDi

Time for oneself and for each other

What do we offer you?

The mobile support services (MuDi) from the Lebenshilfe Hannover provide you with support for those with disabilities during leisure activities on an hourly basis, courtesy of trained volunteers.
Are you looking for a companion for leisure activities? Then you have come to the right place. We are a recognised service provider that helps to relieve the burden on caregiving relatives in everyday life through the use of volunteers. We support people of all ages – predominantly those with intellectual disabilities – during leisure activities, enabling participation by those with disabilities and creating breathing space for relatives.
We decide on the nature and scope of support on an individual basis, and our coordinators are happy to advise you on any questions or concerns.

How can you make use of our services?

If you are interested in the mobile support services, please contact our coordinators and tell us what kind of support you need. We will then gladly agree an appointment for a personal consultation.

How can you meet the cost of our services?

If the person has a recognised care level (Pflegegrad), your care insurance provider (Pflegekasse) will make available a budget that can be used for our services. We will gladly provide you with tailored advice on the different options and entitlements when it comes to care services.

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers are keen to provide individual companionship to people with disabilities in their leisure time, e.g. playing games at home, going for a coffee or to the playground. This generates possibilities for actively experiencing participation.
The volunteers receive an expense allowance for their involvement. The volunteers are trained at regular training sessions, and supported and advised in all questions and concerns by the coordinators.

Would you like to be involved with the mobile support services as a volunteer? Apply HERE!


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