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Lebenshilfe Hannover kindergartens/pre-schools

Freedom to develop

Lebenshilfe Hannover kindergartens/pre-schools

Freedom to develop

Lebenshilfe Hannover kindergartens/pre-schools

Freedom to develop

Forst Mecklenheide

Special educational needs kindergarten/pre-school

As soon as your child arrives at kindergarten/pre-school, a new, exciting chapter of their life begins. It is particularly important for children requiring support that they have an environment where they feel secure and can develop freely. In small, special-needs groups with 6 children and 2 members of staff, your child will be supported and encouraged in his or her individual development.

Nature plays a big part at our kindergarten. Thanks to our unique location next to the Mecklenheide Forest, together with the children we can experience nature through play and with all our senses. In this environment, your child can gain completely new impressions and experiences. In our on-site swimming pool, children learn to get the measure of their own bodies in the warm water while having lots of fun at the same time. We encourage the children to develop – within their capabilities – into responsible, socially competent personalities.

Every child is unique, and receives individualised support from us. With lots of movement and music, creative work, but also relaxation, your child is stimulated and encouraged in all areas.

Do you have some questions? Give us a call – we look forward to talking to you.


Special educational needs kindergarten/pre-school
Forst Mecklenheide
Schulenburger Landstraße 333
30419 Hannover

Phone (0511) 74 01 97 60
Fax (0511) 74 01 97 70

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Kindergarten Mühlenweg

providing special education

picture: Lebenshilfe/David Maurer

Children requiring support in their emotional, social and cognitive development but who do not exhibit obvious signs of an intellectual or other disability need a particular learning environment. Whereas in the large groups found in standard kindergartens/pre-schools these children cannot receive (adequate) individual support, our facilities enable them to be intensively supported, observed and encouraged by specialist teaching staff in small groups. Where required and if prescribed, therapies such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy can complement the teaching.

Up to 70 children in six small groups and one standard kindergarten group are looked after at our kindergarten. Our priority is to give the children strength and self-confidence, thereby creating a stable foundation for the next stages of their lives.

Currently there are six special needs groups each consisting of eight children (from all over Hannover) aged from 3 years through to school entrance age, for whom a special educational need has been established. In addition to this, there is a (standard) kindergarten group with 22 children (from the immediate vicinity) aged from 3 years through to school entrance age.

Children can join the special needs groups if a special educational need has previously been established (e.g. by the health authority (Gesundheitsamt), local authority social services). For the standard kindergarten, parents may directly enrol their child.


Kindergarten/pre-school providing special education
Mühlenweg 4
30629 Hannover

Phone (0511) 9 58 50 80
Fax (0511) 9 58 50 85

Ulrike Struwe

Kontaktkindergarten Weberhaus

Children have no prejudices

For children there are only people, who are better or worse at doing different things. They are carefree in their dealings with each other and accept that other children are different.
At the Kontaktkindergarten Weberhaus we make use of this, and look after children with and without disabilities in joint groups. There is also a group with children who display behavioural problems.

The children are looked after by our specially trained staff, and where required our work is complemented by speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, early musical education along with gymnastics with rhythmical elements. In the friendly, light atmosphere, the children are encouraged to develop their personalities. Because we are very closely integrated in our part of the city, we mainly look after children from the Linden and Limmer districts.


Kontaktkindergarten Weberhaus
Weberstraße 10
30449 Hannover

Phone (0511) 44 28 13
Fax (0511) 2 10 57 60

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