Weberhäuser dance group

Movement to music

The Weberhäuser dance group is part of the Lebenshilfe Hannover.

In the dance group, everyone dances together:
Women and men.
People with and without disabilities.
Young people and old people.

The dance group dances group and partner dances
The dancing is done to modern music.
The group choose the music itself.

The dance group does lots of performances.
You can join in the performances, but do not have to do so.

The dance group meets once a week.
Participation is free.

Due to Covid, the dance group is currently taking a break.
But hopefully it will be running again soon.

I want to join!

Whom can I contact?

I can phone this telephone number: 0511 – 44 33 89

Or send an email

Contact persons:

Maike Nolting:

Caroline Filges:

DisTanz of Weberhäuser dance group